Radiometric JPEG Image Formats by Flir T-360 camera with 320/240 high IR resolution Infrared Thermal Image Audit

There is cutting edge inspection technology available today that gives you the power to see what no one else can see. A non-intrusive diagnostic inspection, using infrared thermography, gives you an opportunity for operations and maintenance personnel to take appropriate action when necessary. Possibly avoiding a catastrophic failure, and the associated issues and costs involved in down-time. Call us today for a preventative maintenance inspection of your home. See examples below.

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Sego Inspections – Infrared/Thermal Imaging

These are just a few examples of how the power of technology can literally save home buyers and sellers thousands of dollars by getting them answers to their questions, by revealing the non-visible unforeseen items during the home inspection. Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to “see” and “measure” thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermal, or infrared energy, is light that is not visible because its wavelength is too long to be detected by the human eye, so infrared allows us to see what our eyes cannot. Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation to shows air leaks, lack of proper insulation, deficient electrical system connections or possible overheated safety issues, water leakage either within the home or along the exterior siding. SEGO Inspections utilizes a FLIR T-360 high end infrared camera that detects infrared energy (heat) and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on a video monitor and perform temperature calculations. Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be very precisely measured, allowing you to not only monitor thermal performance of the home, but also identify and evaluate the severity of problems/issues not visible to the naked eye. With the use of the high end FLIR T-360 camera with better IR resolution than the smaller hand held cameras, precise clear infrared photos can be produced to assist in allowing the home buyer even further information in evaluation their home purchase.

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